Paul Moshe pm125 at ananzi.co.za
Tue Nov 4 19:40:53 PST 2003

From: Dr. Paul Moshe,
Government House, Harare,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Dr. Paul Moshe, special adviser to President Robert
Mugabe. With due respect and honor, i write to seek for
your assistance for an investment in your country. 

During the last presidential election in my country
Zimbabwe, as a special adviser and chairman of campaign
committee, my office was heavily reimbursed with huge
amount of money for campaign to ensure that President
Robert Mugabe win the presidential election by all cost,
which actually came to past. I was able to distribute the
money given to me wisely to other states campaign
committees and i was able to corner the sum of Twenty Four 
Million United States Dollars (US$24,000,000,00) Only for
my personal use. 

This money was not recorded in the party's campaign
accounts because the committee was directly funded by the
presidency. However, i have already deposited the money
with a finance and security company with earm of
transferring it into a trusted someone's nominated bank
account out side my country to enable me to establish 
a CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION in order to help motherless
babies and less privileged people around the world. This is
in fulfillment of a destiny as earlier discovered and
reveled by powerful men of God right from my childhood.

Please if this proposal interests you and you are ready to
assist me in this project, i will compensate you with 25%
out of the total sum for your assistance and efforts, and
whatever amount of money you may spend in actualizing this
project will be surely refunded to you in addition with
your percentage. All i need in this matter is your 
sincerity and cooperation. It may not be possible for you
to reach me on phone due to some security reasons, but if
you can make your telephone number available to me, i will
reach you at any appointed time. 

Kindly forward to me your complete address, your private
telephone and fax numbers including your mobile phone
number via this E-mail address above or through this
alternative E-mail: drpaul at drpaulmoshe.zzn.com 

After finalizing arrangements with you, i will personally,
will write to the finance and security company for the
change of ownership of the money in your favor as the
bona-fide owner before remitting it into your account. This
is due to my position in Government for i will not like to
expose my name for security reasons and i will not like my
Government to trace my name as the owner of the fund.
Thanking you for your attention.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Paul Moshe.
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