May be filter -open against all of yahoo: [svfig-open] control your mood swings

geoperry at geoperry at
Thu Oct 23 10:16:03 PDT 2003

When sbc(/yahoo) put the mark of yahoo upon its email...

... may be by then, we'll have more articulate filtration.  Else a less
open -open.

Rikishi:  "Hey, Rock; watch me pull spam out mah butt."

Rock:  "But that joke never works."

                                This Link Works This Time!
                      (sorry about the broken link last time guys!!)

"Use this patch, immediately"  - Ben Franklin

I move to patch against yahoo, immediately.  -g

p.s... when they took the theives away, I did nothing; for I were no
theif... yes, but we're not taking correspondents' lives, only such part
of their liberties as affords them a "free" ride here, aboard a grossly
polluting vehicle

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