[svfig-open] Bonus + Macadamia power, cell phone germs, Jet Blue Blabbermouths

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Fri Sep 19 13:28:01 PDT 2003

Bonus:  It took less time to find evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq than 
it took Hillary Clinton to find Rose Law Firm billing records.
from //www.pirate-king.com/



  "In September of 2002, JetBlue Airways secretly gave the Transportation 
Security Administration the full travel records of
               5 million JetBlue customers. This sensitive travel data was 
then ..."

If Hitler had had access to this data, all the people who keep Kosher would 
be on their way to the death camps.  Instead of trains, they could now be 
flown via Jet Blue.  

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