Really Important Issue (hint: gutenberg): I closed -open's archive: [svfig-open] svfig-open scanned by Alta-vista

Geo Perry geoperry at
Thu Feb 5 10:21:36 PST 2004

Kevin Appert wrote:

> Thanks George.  Forgive me my assumptions.
> I had assumed that "open to the public" meant through some gateway 
> sign-in or index page.
> I also assumed that it was flagged 'no' to the robot spiders which 
> roam the web.
> I remember your spam-proof addressing missive and noted with warm 
> gratitude that it was implemented in the posts I reached with Alta-Vista.

Priests, centuries ago, alarmed that Just Anyone could reproduce/edit 
Holy Scripture...

... they had no idea.  ?Robots... ?roaming... we have little idea, even 
we young futurists. 

?Does no one remember our deciding to limit posts to 'subscribers 
only'... before subscription, ?who would assume that lists open to 
public posting would be closed to public view. 

I remember posting an array of attributes for four lists for svfig...

... I propose to revisit the lists' attributes in a post, some day soon, 
to svfig. 

Meanwhile, Kevin, my thanks for your reasoned perspective.  And those 
other things you do.   Sincerely... -g

p.s... I'm seeing the light at the end of email purgatory (implications 
of purged mail)... I see messages which I want to reply to them... some 
times I actually can

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