[Taocow PBEM] Turn #32 Continued...

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Mon Oct 4 13:28:41 PDT 2004

--- Paul Groeneveld <delthin_x at yahoo.com> wrote:

> [Rod Black]
> with no light and this feeling of unimaginable
> terror, Rod freezes in his vain attempt at imagining
this terror.  After he recomposes himself, he grabs
onto something (preferably stable) in an attempt at
not being
> thrown overboard
> [/Rod Black]

[Lady Frost]
Not having succumbed to whatever force it is that's
afflicting the group this time, Frost uses the fact
her fist is on the other side of the deck plates to
hold herself in place.
Knowing she's secure, she turns her attention to other
things, like helping save Rod from an impromptu bath.
It takes little focus to freeze Rod's feet to the
deck, all the way up to his knees.

((ooc:  She won't allow K'zul's body to get tossed
overboard either.  She's hanging onto it to make sure
it's properly destroyed later.))

"Sorry about the cold, but you won't go anywhere at
[/Lady Frost]

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