[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Tue Oct 5 12:45:23 PDT 2004

OOC: To usher in the new section of the campaign, I thought I'd give us nice
chapter headings.  Just to let you know, the Arden fellow you'll see is our
new PC!

Six brave adventurers, lead by an old man and his loyalty to his friend,
descended into the dark shadows that lie beneath the terrible ruins of Old
Chicago.  Faced with death at the hands of a terrible supernatural evil or
the vile Coalition, they fled into a dimensional rift, and to where they
could not know.  And yet, not all was unfamiliar, for the ship they spotted
flew the flag of Laslo, and their rescuers seemed from a familiar place.
Yet there was that horrible fear, and the shadow the past over the mighty
K'zul, villain of a past age.  What could it all mean?  Where were they?

Their would-be rescuers were in little better shape.  The VTOL lurched
towards the ocean, as Kyle, having chased off the cockatrice, can only watch
in horror.  Even as the VTOL makes a final almost pathetic dive, Kyle
receives a standard greeting signal from below, on the deck of the ship.
There he spots a figure looking up at him.

For Alex, Rod, Osiris, Bongo and Lady Frost, it is a different story.  Their
stomachs turn as the VTOL violently lunges towards the ocean, turbines
screaming in their death throes.  Suddenly that horrible sound is replaced
by the crash of the sea and horrible metallic groans.  A final shudder
passes through the VTOL, and then seawater rushes in, pushing everyone
against the wall.  Lady Frost stands her ground, and keeps her hands on the
remains of Lord K'zul, while Rod's frozen feet keep him planted on the

On the ship, Arden sees the VTOL dip out of view, and then hear's the crash.
"Plane down!" can be heard from the crew, and a klaxon pierces through the
storm, as crewmembers rush to offer aid.

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