[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where AreWe?

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Not quite feeling the same with his borrowed rifle, he heads back to his
quarters to gather a few pieces of his personal armament (Not limited to his
lucky .30-06 and his own energy rifle), as well as his armor.

Following the 'crash course' of the VTOL, he starts looking around for a way
down to the surface to assist and guard the survivors. If there is no easy
way, he grabs a hold of the nearest crewman and asks, "What can I do to

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> OOC: To usher in the new section of the campaign, I thought I'd give us
> chapter headings.  Just to let you know, the Arden fellow you'll see is
> new PC!
> [GM]
> Six brave adventurers, lead by an old man and his loyalty to his friend,
> descended into the dark shadows that lie beneath the terrible ruins of Old
> Chicago.  Faced with death at the hands of a terrible supernatural evil or
> the vile Coalition, they fled into a dimensional rift, and to where they
> could not know.  And yet, not all was unfamiliar, for the ship they
> flew the flag of Laslo, and their rescuers seemed from a familiar place.
> Yet there was that horrible fear, and the shadow the past over the mighty
> K'zul, villain of a past age.  What could it all mean?  Where were they?
> Their would-be rescuers were in little better shape.  The VTOL lurched
> towards the ocean, as Kyle, having chased off the cockatrice, can only
> in horror.  Even as the VTOL makes a final almost pathetic dive, Kyle
> receives a standard greeting signal from below, on the deck of the ship.
> There he spots a figure looking up at him.
> For Alex, Rod, Osiris, Bongo and Lady Frost, it is a different story.
> stomachs turn as the VTOL violently lunges towards the ocean, turbines
> screaming in their death throes.  Suddenly that horrible sound is replaced
> by the crash of the sea and horrible metallic groans.  A final shudder
> passes through the VTOL, and then seawater rushes in, pushing everyone
> against the wall.  Lady Frost stands her ground, and keeps her hands on
> remains of Lord K'zul, while Rod's frozen feet keep him planted on the
> ground.
> On the ship, Arden sees the VTOL dip out of view, and then hear's the
> "Plane down!" can be heard from the crew, and a klaxon pierces through the
> storm, as crewmembers rush to offer aid.
> [/GM]
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