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He gives Alex a black look at the remark, unsure as to what it meant. Then
he smiles again, and in his accented speech says, "Well, circumstance and
tribulation tend to bring the oddest groups together, don't you think?" With
that he chuckles a bit, then in a strange, almost mystical accent, says,
"Fate brings the most distant of groups to the fore, leaving them to decide
the fate of the world."


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> Derek McCullough wrote:
> >[Arden]
> >Still muttering curses, they become a bit louder with the absence of the
> >storm. He looks over to Alex and smiles. In a really bad western drawl,
> >says, "Well, little lady, looks like ya came ta rescue me. Any plans on
> >ta get outta here, missy?" He coughs a moment, and in a semi-regular, yet
> >heavily accented elven voice, says, "Sorry about that. My mind wanders
> >time to time. Let's see what we can do to rejoin the rest of the people."
> >[/Arden]
> >
> >
> [Alex]
> Alex replies, "I am just tired, I am a pretty decent swimmer but I am
> not that great a swimmer." She is shaking just a bit from stress and the
> passing adreneline. She looks at teh pointy ears of the Elf, and in a
> ghost of humor, "The Horror, the Horror, good little girl from Lone Star
> and I rescue a pointy eared elf", witha weak smile. It might be a stress
> relief as well.
> [/Alex]
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