[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

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As Kyle finishes up his observations, the VTOL and the lifeboat finally
nudge up to the ship.  Ladders are thrown down.  The tattooed man turns to
Lady Frost.  "The skipper will want to talk to *you*.  The others may came
as they choose."  With that he leaps up and catches the ladder, climbing
with the agility of a spider on its web.

"Hey, just about anything short of a Sploogie slave barge would be an 
improvement over the place we just left..." Bongo quips as he grabs hold of the 
ladder and hauls himself up.

Once he gets up on deck, he looks around for the tattooed man (or anyone else 
who's standing around) and tips his hat to everyone.  "Thanks a million for 
your help.  It was looking pretty bleak for us until y'all showed up."  He 
glances back at the VTOL on its impromptu ice floe.  "Any chance of that being 
hauled aboard and salvaged?  I'd hate to see it reduced to scrap on our 

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