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mightymartianca at alberni.net writes:
I've altered the website, not the big radical change I wanted, but that 
was gonna take too much time.

Anyways, I've altered the character page.  You should all go take a 
look, make sure the writeups of your characters are alright.  I hunted 
the web looking for pictures.  Unfortunately there were no specific 
images I could find of a hairless dwarf with unbelievably long nose 
hairs, nor of a Dog Boy precisely matching Bongo's description, and 
sadly I could find only one image that even vaguely resembled Lady Frost.
Don't sweat it, chief... I'll send you the picture I've been using on my 
character sheet for Bongo.  I've also got a picture of a 'frosty' woman that might 
work for Frost.

oh, and as for Rod... try www.heromachine.com and fire up HM 2.0 on the 
UnderGround Online link.  It has a dwarven body template that might work pretty 
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