[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Thu Oct 28 08:34:07 PDT 2004

> [Alex]
> Alex turns towards the medic, "I think I have been taking responsibility."
> Her face is set in a way that tell she expects to be 'bitched out' or be
> told that he will not make it.
> [/Alex]

The medic shakes his head.  "This man's in bad shape.  His heart's nearly
had it, and he's going to need a replacement.  We're not heavy on medical
tech here, but I can put a cybernetic heart in him."

St. Pierre suddenly raises his hand and whispers something.  The medic bends
down to listen and then stands up and looks at Alex.  "You're Alex, right?"
he asks.  "He wants to talk to you."

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