[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.com
Thu Oct 28 16:26:45 PDT 2004

Aaron Clausen wrote:

>The medic shakes his head.  "This man's in bad shape.  His heart's nearly
>had it, and he's going to need a replacement.  We're not heavy on medical
>tech here, but I can put a cybernetic heart in him."
>St. Pierre suddenly raises his hand and whispers something.  The medic bends
>down to listen and then stands up and looks at Alex.  "You're Alex, right?"
>he asks.  "He wants to talk to you."
Alex comes over to the old man and stands there waiting for whatever he 
has to say. The female Coalition Ranger has pulled off her helmet to 
reveal short read hair wet from sweat and peicing green eyes.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard
even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates
this duty, he establishes a precedent that will
reach to himself."
        Thomas Paine

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