[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle - IGNORE LAST POST

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Sun Apr 3 18:17:34 PDT 2005

Aaron Clausen wrote:

> [GM]
> Phaeton nods in agreement.  "Such loss of life grieves me and She who 
> guides
> me.  Though I wish to leave this boat as soon as possible, I can think 
> of no
> faster way to get to land, however."
> [/GM] 

Alex looks up at the position of a life boat and replies, "I was 
thinking about the idea of taking a life boat. When we get to thios 
'Dublin', could they not hand us as pirates? It could even be said 
without too much trouble that we are pirates."

> [Bongo]
> "I don't want to swim," Bongo says, "so I think getting this ship in 
> is the
> best bet."
> [/Bongo] 

Alex takes off her helmet for a moment and has awry smile. She asks with 
an attempt at humor, "I though you would doggy paddle." It sounds like 
she is more or less trying to break the tension. She states after a 
moment, "I can swim reasonable well but almost drowned before being 
picked up myself so I cannot see us swiming."

> [GM]
> "I shall instruct the crew to make steam for Dublin." Phaeton says.
> Suddenly, one of the crew shouts "Hey!  Look over the side."  Everyone on
> deck peers over and sees a figure swimming for all he's got towards the
> coast.
> "Silly bastard'll never make it!" someone shouts.  "Who is it?" 
> someone else
> says.  "I'll wager it's Silbran.  He an' the Capn' was mighty close."
> [/GM]

Alex looks for a long slim line, like what might be used for a life 
ring. Once she grabs one, she slides her helmet back on and ties teh 
line around her waist. She figures that it will allow her to get back to 
teh ship.
She then jumps into the water after him.

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