[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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> [Meanwhile, above deck...]
> [GM]
> "I shall instruct the crew to make steam for
> Dublin." Phaeton says.
> Suddenly, one of the crew shouts "Hey!  Look over
> the side."  Everyone on
> deck peers over and sees a figure swimming for all
> he's got towards the
> coast.
> "Silly bastard'll never make it!" someone shouts. 
> "Who is it?" someone else
> says.  "I'll wager it's Silbran.  He an' the Capn'
> was mighty close."
> [/GM]
[Lady Frost]

Frost glances over the side of the ship towards the
swimming figure, then lightly smacks her forehead. 
"Almost forgot I threw him overboard."

She turns towards the nearest crewman.  "You have
rescue proceedures for man overboard?  Might be a good
time to use them."

She finishes turning and looks towards Alex.  "Then we
head this crate for Dublin.  We really don't have any
other options unless you want to ride triumphantly
into the port on an iceberg..."

"Somehow I don't think that kind of attention would be
good for us."

She looks to her new friends left on the deck (i.e.
Rod, Kyle, and Alex) and smiles.  "I think I've had
all the fun I can stand for a few hours, so if someone
would be kind enough to catch me, I'm going to be
exhausted now."

With no further warning,Frost shimmers and returns to
human form, quietly slumping towards the deck and
desiring nothing more than a bed for a while.

[/Amanda Connors]

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