[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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As Silbren is lead belo- decks, the ship slowly slips into the port of 
Dublin. A thick mist obscures the view, but as the ship approaches, the 
company and crew can see what is a small port with no more than a half 
dozen larger ships. There are two sailing ships, one with a large and 
ominous gouge down its port side. There are three freighters, and one 
battle ship with the symbols of the New German Republic.

The first glimmer of dawn is in the sky when the ship finally docks. The 
orc, Grom, is walking by carrying some rope and Phaeton calls him over.

"Go fetch the Lady Frost." he says. "Be quick about it."

Grom mutters something about being scared, but is clearly just as 
intimidated by Phaeton. Phaeton turns to the rest of the company. "I 
shall be coming with you," he says, "and so will you, Arden, if I am not 
mistaken. The harbor master will want to know your names, where you are 
from and where you are going, not to mention performing his duty of 
keeping the town safe by cataloguing and impounding dangerous weapons. A 
bribe will make all these questions go away."

The ship thuds to a halt. A cry comes from the dock, "Permission to come 
aboard?" which is followed by one of the officers shouting "Aye!"

"So," Phaeton says urgently, "do any of you have money? I'd say five or 
six hundred credits will do."

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