[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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He shrugs, and honestly says, "I have no real money to speak of, Phaeton. I
can offer nothing but my personal belongings... still, I shall search my
person for credits."

**If he has any, he'll hand them over instantly to Phaeton... if he has
them. If not, he'll offer to trade some of his belongings for quick

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> [GM]
> As Silbren is lead belo- decks, the ship slowly slips into the port of
> Dublin. A thick mist obscures the view, but as the ship approaches, the
> company and crew can see what is a small port with no more than a half
> dozen larger ships. There are two sailing ships, one with a large and
> ominous gouge down its port side. There are three freighters, and one
> battle ship with the symbols of the New German Republic.
> The first glimmer of dawn is in the sky when the ship finally docks. The
> orc, Grom, is walking by carrying some rope and Phaeton calls him over.
> "Go fetch the Lady Frost." he says. "Be quick about it."
> Grom mutters something about being scared, but is clearly just as
> intimidated by Phaeton. Phaeton turns to the rest of the company. "I
> shall be coming with you," he says, "and so will you, Arden, if I am not
> mistaken. The harbor master will want to know your names, where you are
> from and where you are going, not to mention performing his duty of
> keeping the town safe by cataloguing and impounding dangerous weapons. A
> bribe will make all these questions go away."
> The ship thuds to a halt. A cry comes from the dock, "Permission to come
> aboard?" which is followed by one of the officers shouting "Aye!"
> "So," Phaeton says urgently, "do any of you have money? I'd say five or
> six hundred credits will do."
> [/GM]
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