[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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OOC: Oi vey! Sorry for not posting in... forever, guys. I've been busier 
than all holy hell with moving (got a new apartment), and work has just been 
insane. Anyhow... here's a post. Might not be much of one, but it's all I 
got until I read exactly where I'm at.

He looks to the shopkeeper, then to Amanda. "I agree. The poor man is 
obviously unknowing of anything else we might need to know." In elvish, he 
says to Talas, "Well, brother, we might just wish to do some scouting 
around, urban and on the outskirts, and see if he is gone by mundane ways or 
by magical ways."

He walks over to Alex and places a hand gentley on her shoulder. He leans in 
to whisper, "We might wish to check the outskirts and ask around about any 
aircraft or large land rovers over the last few days... and have our 'urban' 
types continue to look around town for signs of where he might have gone." 
He looks over to Rod, then grins.

He motions over to Rod. "Can I talk to you a second, my friend?"


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> [GM]
> The shopkeeper stumbles over his words, now eyeing all
> of you darkly.  "I... I never knew him... Mr. Griz
> that is to be one for the drink.  What's your interest
> in him, anyways?"
> [/GM]
> [Amanda Connors]
> Every good reporter knew when an interview was going
> nowhere.  She moved forward and took hold of Talas'
> arm, pulling him back gently, but with a strength that
> far exceeded what she looked capable of.
> To the shopkeeper, she smiled as charmingly as she
> could  "He borrowed some of my lipstick and I really
> need it back."
> Without dropping the smile, she quietly spoke to the
> rest of the group.  "Guys, we should go before we
> scare the nice man anymore."
> [/Amanda Connors]
> OOC:  Anyone else right up with Talas that doesn't
> follow will get pulled along by Amanda as well.  Well,
> one other person at least.  Only have one free hand left.
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