[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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Alex smiles, "Well, between you taking teh low road and me  taking teh 
high road, I am pretty sure we can find where he went. No  matter what 
else the Coalition does, they train us to do our jobs and do  them well."

"Yep, can't argue with that..." Bongo mutters, not even looking up from his  
efforts, then switched his voice to that of a slick salesman.  "These two  
finely trained killing machines brought to you courtesy of the Coalition States  
-- where we care enough to send the very best."
He allows himself a slight chuckle before going back to work.  "Right  now 
I'm mainly just trying to establish a general direction... then I can astral  
project and possibly catch up with him."
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