[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Sun Aug 21 09:25:03 PDT 2005

> > [GM]
> > Meanwhile, Lady Frost's analysis of the door has equal success.  It
> > appears to be two deadbolts, both with slightly alien-looking but still
> > comprehendable locks. With a bit of effort the door should open.
> > [/GM]

> > [Osiris]
> > "Have you got it figured out?" Osiris asks.
> > [/Osiris]

> [Amanda Connors]
> Amanda glances over her shoulder to see Osiris standing there, looking
> more than a bit conspicuous.  She is about to comment on that when she
> realizes that her clothes probably make her stand out more than him.  By a
> lot. "Yeah.  Nothing too fancy.  Stand back and cover me from view
> please?"
> [/Amanda Connors]

Osiris nods, backs up and keeps one eye on Amanda and one on their

> [Amanda Connors]
> Once he is shielding her from the street, Amanda gives the door a small
> shoulder nudge.  Well, small from her perspective.  She fully expects the
> deadbolts to either snap or come loose from the wall.
> Then they could investigate Griz's office and see if there was any further
> useful information to be had.
> [/Amanda Connors]

As Amanda expected, the deadbolts snap with a dull, metallic crack and she
finds herself looking into the store, darkened and strangely ominous
compared to their visit just a brief while ago.

Suddenly the fir stands up on Bongo's neck, while Osiris, Alex and Kyle all
sense immediate danger.

"Wasn't there a robot..." Osiris starts.

A laser just barely misses Amanda's shoulder.  Inside can be seen the glint
of metal moving quickly between the aisles.

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