[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

Eric Tan erictanis1979 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 21 18:32:16 PDT 2005

Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:
> > [GM]
> > Meanwhile, Lady Frost's analysis of the door has equal success. It
> > appears to be two deadbolts, both with slightly alien-looking but still
> > comprehendable locks. With a bit of effort the door should open.
> > [/GM]

> > [Osiris]
> > "Have you got it figured out?" Osiris asks.
> > [/Osiris]

> [Amanda Connors]
> Amanda glances over her shoulder to see Osiris standing there, looking
> more than a bit conspicuous. She is about to comment on that when she
> realizes that her clothes probably make her stand out more than him. By a
> lot. "Yeah. Nothing too fancy. Stand back and cover me from view
> please?"
> [/Amanda Connors]

Osiris nods, backs up and keeps one eye on Amanda and one on their

> [Amanda Connors]
> Once he is shielding her from the street, Amanda gives the door a small
> shoulder nudge. Well, small from her perspective. She fully expects the
> deadbolts to either snap or come loose from the wall.
> Then they could investigate Griz's office and see if there was any further
> useful information to be had.
> [/Amanda Connors]

As Amanda expected, the deadbolts snap with a dull, metallic crack and she
finds herself looking into the store, darkened and strangely ominous
compared to their visit just a brief while ago.

Suddenly the fir stands up on Bongo's neck, while Osiris, Alex and Kyle all
sense immediate danger.

"Wasn't there a robot..." Osiris starts.

A laser just barely misses Amanda's shoulder. Inside can be seen the glint
of metal moving quickly between the aisles.


With his trademark smirk appearing on his face again, the young cyberknight face glows with excitement "i guess we found him! ". Concentrating for a brief second a glowing shield of energy appears on his forearm as he pulls his pump pistol out ready for action. "Close-quarter guys, let me walk point with the shield, you guys get ready to blast the robot." 

(If infra-red vision will help in this dark room he will switch it on) Walking carefully into the shop Osiris stays low, close to cover and keeps his eyes peeled for any signs of movents, a glint of moving metal. If  he is fired upon he will try to jump out of the way or will block it with his shield and return fire.


OOC - hey guys i am back, sorry about the long absence. Many thanks to Aaron for keeping the CK going!

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