[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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Sun Aug 21 22:06:49 PDT 2005

With his trademark smirk appearing on his face again,
the young cyberknight face glows with excitement "I
guess we found him! ". Concentrating for a brief
second a glowing shield of energy appears on his
forearm as he pulls his pump pistol out ready for
action. "Close-quarter guys, let me walk point with
the shield, you guys get ready to blast the robot." 

[Amanda Connors]

"Hells!  Can't you people just have alarms like
everyone else I ever met??!"

After recovering from the almost-hit, she recovers her
composure and looks past Osiris as he moves into the

"Forgot about the robot.  Um, guys, you think maybe we
can disable it and not destroy it?  Griz isn't an
enemy you know.  Be nice if we didn't wreck all his
neat toys."

In case it isn't a viable option though, Amanda
undergoes the transformation that is probably still an
odd sight to her companions (and completely new to
others), shimmering into her frosty-self and moving in
to stand with Osiris.

[/Lady Frost]

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