[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> [Kyle]
> Kyle draws his pistol and moves for cover.  "hey Guys its proberbly set
> to defend the shop.  If we back away it will probaly leave us alone."
> [/Kyle]
The sounds of a crash and companions' voices bring Bongo out of his tracking 
efforts, smacking his forehead as he just now realizes what the others' plan 
to have a look around actually entails.

"Yes, please folks... let's just back off and try to convince this thing -- 
as well as anyone who might have just seen all this -- that this was just an 
innocent mistake.   We didn't really _mean_ to crumble the lock on the front 

Telepathically he sends to both Osiris and Frost, **Give me a minute or two 
and I'll project in to have a look around before I try to trace Griz himself.   
Robots aren't very good at detecting astral presences.**
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