[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> OOC: I trust that Bongo is going to slip into his astral form now.
OOC: You trust correctly... of course, he would first find a comfortable (and 
well-guarded) spot to apparently take a quick nap.

> [GM]
> Bongo meditates and within a few seconds, feels himself slipping out of his
> body.  Below, he can see himself and his companions.  Moving inside the 
> shop,
> Bongo's astral form sees Osiris, laying on top of some merchandise marked
> "Clearance - 50% off".  Hiding behind a large shelfing unit, the robot, a
> rather patched up robot that looks like it has seen some action, has what
> looks like a laser barrel poking out of an arm.
> Beyond is the counter, and behind it is another robot, smaller, with six
> spider-like legs and a rather nasty looking gun barrel poking out of its
> chest.  It seems to be hovering over some sort of trap door.
> [/GM]
*Get everyone out of the store, there are two robots on guard.   The other 
one's out of sight and on top of a trap door.* Bongo telepathically sends to 
Lady Frost.

As his astral form is intangible, Bongo dives down to see if he can see/sense 
anything underneath the trap door.   After investigating under the 
spider-bot, he proceeds to have a thorough look throughout the establishment.
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