[Taocow PBEM] OOC Project -- Need everyone's help

BorgOmatic at aol.com BorgOmatic at aol.com
Mon Aug 22 14:01:41 PDT 2005

Hello all -- it's me, your friendly neighborhood psychic mutt...

I need y'all's help with this project I'm thinking about doing:   a group 
illustration involving everyone's characters.   The website has some physical 
descriptions, but not every character's and not full descriptions at that.

If you would, please send full physical descriptions of your character to 
either the list or my e-mail addy of BorgOmatic at aol.com (the Mighty GM has 
graciously allowed me to gum up the mailing list, but this is in case you have 
something you don't want the group to know or just don't want to put it on the 

Kyle, you're the only PA pilot so the choice is yours if you want to be 
depicted inside your SAMAS or not.   It's cool either way.

This may take a while, but hopefully it'll turn out good in the end. 

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