[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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Mon Aug 22 21:48:30 PDT 2005

> [Talas]
> While standing quietly wauting for Arden and Rod to come back thom their
> private conversation. Talas catches the sound of gun fire.  When he turns
> to the direction of the sound and sees that the door to Griz's store is
> open, he realizes that the sound has to have come from inside and runs to
> the open door, to help his new friends.
> [/Talas]

Phaeton puts out an arm to stop Talas.  "Wait a moment, friend." he says. 
"Our canine friend seems to have a better idea."  The tattooed man points to
Bongo, lying on the ground out of the way.  "Let us wait and see."

> [Bongo]
> *Get everyone out of the store, there are two robots on guard.   The other
> one's out of sight and on top of a trap door.* Bongo telepathically sends
> to Lady Frost.
> As his astral form is intangible, Bongo dives down to see if he can
> see/sense anything underneath the trap door.  After investigating under
> the spider-bot, he proceeds to have a thorough look throughout the
> establishment.
> [/Bongo]

The spider-bot does not react as Bongo's astral form slips below the trap
door, which likely means that it cannot detect Bongo.

Below is a basement lined in brick.  There are several rooms, all stacked
with boxes, some marked in alien script, some in recognizable ones.  There
are rows of hand to hand weapons; swords, javelins, axes, maces, crossbows
and the like.  There are shelves of weapons; energy rifles, energy pistols
and ordinary rifles and pistols.  Some are clearly of Earth-make, though
perhaps a bit more primitive than one is used to.  Others look rather alien. 
There are shields, both obviously high-tech megadamage and primitive.

To Bongo's skilled eye, this enormous collection looks like it spans not
just centuries, but millennia, and from many different worlds.  Whoever Griz
is, he or the people he deals with are very well traveled indeed.

There is one final door, closed, but seemingly innocuous, a simple wooden
affair.  When Bongo tries to go through the door, he suddenly feels himself
hit a wall that feels, in his astral form, as if he's hit a physical
barrier.  He feels a wrenching sensation that continues until he moves away
from the door.

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