[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> [GM]
> The spider-bot does not react as Bongo's astral form slips below the trap
> door, which likely means that it cannot detect Bongo.
> Below is a basement lined in brick.  There are several rooms, all stacked
> with boxes, some marked in alien script, some in recognizable ones.  There
> are rows of hand to hand weapons; swords, javelins, axes, maces, crossbows
> and the like.  There are shelves of weapons; energy rifles, energy pistols
> and ordinary rifles and pistols.  Some are clearly of Earth-make, though
> perhaps a bit more primitive than one is used to.  Others look rather alien.
> There are shields, both obviously high-tech megadamage and primitive.
> To Bongo's skilled eye, this enormous collection looks like it spans not
> just centuries, but millennia, and from many different worlds.  Whoever Griz
> is, he or the people he deals with are very well traveled indeed.
> There is one final door, closed, but seemingly innocuous, a simple wooden
> affair.  When Bongo tries to go through the door, he suddenly feels himself
> hit a wall that feels, in his astral form, as if he's hit a physical
> barrier.  He feels a wrenching sensation that continues until he moves away
> from the door.
> [/GM]
*Let's make sure to clean up our mess and make nice,* Bongo sends to Lady 
Frost. *I want to be able to come back and shop some more here.*

OOC: I'm singling out Frost here mainly because he's already sent a TP and 
IIRC the 'link' lasts a couple minutes per level so I'm trying to conserve ISP 
by sending to her as long as the duration lasts.

Bongo shakes his hands as he pulls away from the door.   Whatever is there 
would have to wait for another time.   He takes one last quick look around the 
establishment before using his remaining time in astral form to look for Griz 
himself (following the scent trail to the gates and then searching as quickly 
as possible).
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