[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man? OOC

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Tue Aug 23 19:25:27 PDT 2005

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> > > OOC:
> > >
> > > Hi every one it has just accrued to me, having a
> > mind
> > > that moves at the speed of malaises (IN the
> > winter)
> > > that a description of Talas has never really
> been
> > > given. And since we are all here now, here it
> > goes.
> > 
> > Oh, so you mean you aren't three inches tall with
> > skin the texture of lumpy
> > oatmeal. ;-)
> > 
>   Ho no, your getting me confused with rod Black.
> I'm the good looking one. ;-)

jsut for referwence.. rod is bald.. ecept for hair
from ears and nose.. lots of it.. nose is probaly
bulbous mayeb an eye a little largetr than the other..
wears black leathers.  motorcyle type. black skull
cap. and hexogan uv -x sungalsses like jon lenons. not
much room to work with when you have a pb of 3.
has a run hammer with a stylised in the form of a
dragon head, and a tw hammercovered in drawen runed
and copper wires. (used to have a hover board, but if
you remember way back got sunk) I probably dont play
rod as cantankerous as an MA of 4 should.. but yeah..
rod is one of those special dwa... midgets. he has a
bracer on each arm, that has been seen on occasion to
shoot firbolts. he does have traditional looking
dwarven armor, but prefers not to wear it, ecept in
the direst of circumstances.

the picture of rod here, is pretty darn close to what
he looks like, maybe a converted wilks on one hip, and
an NE-4 on the other that he quite often tinkers with
also has a 1 liter canteeen (1/4 gallon for you
imperalistic scum :P )

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