[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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Wed Aug 24 01:23:33 PDT 2005

As the precise laser bolts hits the agile CK, the force of the shot pushed him back toward the wall next to the door. Staggering for a brief moment recovering after the shock of getting hit, Osiris brings his shield backup to cover his front with his pistol now pointing towards the Robots heat signature and is ready to make a move when he stops for a brief moment as if he is listening to something.
Without taking his eyes off the robots, Osiris moves over to stand infront of his friend Bongo as the dog-boy sits and starts to meditate. Althought his MD armor protected him well from the laser blast he could still feel the heat on his flesh, making a mental note that he must find someone to repair his armor as it has taken beating so far since the start of his adventures.
Noticing that Phaeton just summoned a sword just as easily as he could summon his Psi-sword, he gives the priest a brief look as if trying to figure out how he did that. 
Without taking his eyes off the targets, Osiris says to the group "everyone Bongo is now floating about in another form trying to take a look around, so lets sit tight till he gets back. Also the robot is sitting over there behind those shelves (he indicates with his pistol) while there is another heat signature showing up over there behind the counter." 
Seeing lady frost appear with her frosty costume again, the young knight says with a smile "well its good to see you back to your old form, but i do think that we will have to go shopping for some more ....normal clothes later on." 

Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:
> > [Arden]
> > Arden grins at Rod's voice, then states plainly, "I need something that
> > tracks recent magical activities. I know very little concerning your
> > magical technology, but I'm curious if you had some way to track if there
> > have been massive amounts of magic used in the general area, where and
> > what kind." He looks at Rod, expecting to me laughed at... but you never
> > know.
> > [/Arden]

> [Rod Black]
> Rod looks sideways at Arden, and says "What an odd request. I am not sure
> it can be done, but let me think apon it." Rod then walks back to the group
> deep in thought
> [/Rod Black]


> [GM]
> A laser just barely misses Amanda's shoulder. Inside can be seen the glint
> of metal moving quickly between the aisles.
> [/GM]

> [Osiris]
> With his trademark smirk appearing on his face again, the young 
> Cyberknight's face glows with excitement. "I guess we found him!" 
> Concentrating for a brief second a glowing shield of energy appears on his
> forearm as he pulls his pump pistol out ready for action. 
> "Close-quarter guys, let me walk point with the shield, you guys get ready
> to blast the robot." 
> Osiris switches infrared on and, walking carefully into the shop, stays
> low, close to cover and keeps his eyes peeled for any signs of 
> movements, a glint of moving metal. If he is fired upon he will try to
> jump out of the way or will block it with his shield and return fire.
> [/Osiris]

Lena backs up towards Arden, while Phaeton deftly runs towards the side of
the door. "Be wary," he says to Osiris, "this may be only one of a number
of defenses." With that he touches a tattoo and a sword springs from nowhere
into his hand.

With great care, Osiris enters the building, his infrared showing two dim
heat signatures, one where the robot ought to be, and another at the back
of the shop, somewhere behind the counter.

The robot catches sight of Osiris and lets off a shot. Osiris tries to jump
out of the way, but the robot hits him with an excellent shot, knocking him
back against the wall beside the door. A waft of smoke can be seen coming
off of Osiris's armor.

"Perhaps our good cyberknight should stay exactly where he is for the
moment." Phaeton says. "Unless we wish to storm this shop and take out the

> [Amanda Connors]
> "Hells! Can't you people just have alarms like everyone else I ever met??!"
> After recovering from the almost-hit, she recovers her composure and looks
> past Osiris as he moves into the room.
> "Forgot about the robot. Um, guys, you think maybe we can disable it and
> not destroy it? Griz isn't an enemy you know. Be nice if we didn't wreck
> all his neat toys."
> In case it isn't a viable option though, Amanda undergoes the 
> transformation that is probably still an odd sight to her companions (and
> completely new to others), shimmering into her frosty-self and moving in
> to stand with Osiris.
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Kyle]
> Kyle draws his pistol and moves for cover. "Hey guys, it's probably set 
> to defend the shop. If we back away it will probably leave us alone."
> [/Kyle]

> [Bongo]
> The sounds of a crash and companions' voices bring Bongo out of his tracking 
> efforts, smacking his forehead as he just now realizes what the others'
> plan to have a look around actually entails.
> "Yes, please folks... let's just back off and try to convince this 
> thing -- as well as anyone who might have just seen all this -- that this
> was just an innocent mistake. We didn't really _mean_ to crumble the
> lock on the front door."
> Telepathically he sends to both Osiris and Frost, **Give me a minute or two 
> and I'll project in to have a look around before I try to trace Griz himself.
> Robots aren't very good at detecting astral presences.**
> [/Bongo]

OOC: I trust that Bongo is going to slip into his astral form now.

Bongo meditates and within a few seconds, feels himself slipping out of his
body. Below, he can see himself and his companions. Moving inside the shop,
Bongo's astral form sees Osiris, laying on top of some merchandise marked
"Clearance - 50% off". Hiding behind a large shelfing unit, the robot, a
rather patched up robot that looks like it has seen some action, has what
looks like a laser barrel poking out of an arm.

Beyond is the counter, and behind it is another robot, smaller, with six
spider-like legs and a rather nasty looking gun barrel poking out of its
chest. It seems to be hovering over some sort of trap door.

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