[Taocow PBEM] OOC Project -- Need everyone's help

Brenton Bartholom abbart at iqconnect.net.au
Thu Aug 25 14:11:44 PDT 2005

BorgOmatic at aol.com wrote:
> Hello all -- it's me, your friendly neighborhood psychic mutt...
> I need y'all's help with this project I'm thinking about doing:  a group 
> illustration involving everyone's characters.  The website has some 
> physical descriptions, but not every character's and not full 
> descriptions at that.
> If you would, please send full physical descriptions of your character 
> to either the list or my e-mail addy of BorgOmatic at aol.com (the Mighty 
> GM has graciously allowed me to gum up the mailing list, but this is in 
> case you have something you don't want the group to know or just don't 
> want to put it on the list). 
> Kyle, you're the only PA pilot so the choice is yours if you want to be 
> depicted inside your SAMAS or not.  It's cool either way.
> This may take a while, but hopefully it'll turn out good in the end.
> Eric/Servo/Bongo
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I like the idea of being in the SAMAS.  I have cant remember but I think 
that his SAMAS was painted camo.

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