[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> > [GM]
> > There is one final door, closed, but seemingly innocuous, a simple
> > wooden affair.  When Bongo tries to go through the door, he suddenly
> > feels himself hit a wall that feels, in his astral form, as if he's hit
> > a physical barrier.  He feels a wrenching sensation that continues until
> > he moves away from the door.
> > [/GM]

> [Bongo]
> *Let's make sure to clean up our mess and make nice,* Bongo sends to Lady
> Frost. *I want to be able to come back and shop some more here.*
> Bongo shakes his hands as he pulls away from the door.   Whatever is there
> would have to wait for another time.  He takes one last quick look around
> the establishment before using his remaining time in astral form to look
> for Griz himself (following the scent trail to the gates and then
> searching as quickly as possible).
> [/Bongo]

> [Osiris]
> As the precise laser bolts hits the agile CK, the force of the shot pushes
> him back toward the wall next to the door. Staggering for a brief moment
> recovering after the shock of getting hit, Osiris brings his shield backup
> to cover his front with his pistol now pointing towards the Robots heat
> signature and is ready to make a move when he stops for a brief moment as
> if he is listening to something.

> Without taking his eyes off the robots, Osiris moves over to stand in
> front of his friend Bongo as the dog-boy sits and starts to meditate.
> Althought his MD armor protected him well from the laser blast he could
> still feel the heat on his flesh, making a mental note that he must find
> someone to repair his armor as it has taken beating so far since the start
> of his adventures.
> Noticing that Phaeton just summoned a sword just as easily as he could
> summon his Psi-sword, he gives the priest a brief look as if trying to
> figure out how he did that.  Without taking his eyes off the targets,
> Osiris says to the group "Everyone Bongo is now floating about in another
> form trying to take a look around, so lets sit tight till he gets back.
> Also the robot is sitting over there behind those shelves (he indicates
> with his pistol) while there is another heat signature showing up over
> there behind the counter."
> Seeing Lady Frost appear with her frosty costume again, the young knight
> says with a smile "Well its good to see you back to your old form, but i
> do think that we will have to go shopping for some more ....normal clothes
> later on."
> [/Osiris]

> [Lady Frost]
> Lady Frost mentally nods to the information Bongo gave her and then, as
> Osiris comes into view, she lunges forward and yanks him back out of the
> shop.
> "Yeah, two bots.  Bongo told me.  Spider on a trap door.  C'Mon
> bull-in-a-china-shop, store's closing."
> Once certain everyone is out, she points to the opened doorway and fills
> it with a thick sheet of ice.
> She gestures to the group to keep silent for a moment to see if the robots
> shoot at the ice wall, then looks to Osiris.
> [/Lady Frost]

There are a few shots, but once the door is sealed, the robot stops.

> [/Lady Frost]
> "New clothes, you think?  I've been looking for a store I can make some
> use of since we got here.  There's a few things I'd like to get if I'm
> going to be here much longer."
> [/Lady Frost]

"Perhaps there is a better shop in this town." Lena says.

> [Alex]
> Alex nervously looks around but does not otherwise respond.
> [/Alex]

Phaeton, seeing that the immediate danger has passed, dimisses his sword.
Lena laughs, "Well, that's *one* way to do it."

> [Talas]
> Talas scans the group seeing how they react to this new person. When he
> realizes that every one is acting as though Lady Frost is supposed to be
> there and that Amanda is no were to be seen he turns to her and asks
> "Lady Amanda is that you?"
> [/Talas]

While the others talk, Bongo's astral form begins the search for Griz.
Heading towards the north end of the town, Bongo sees a gate up a head.  Two
guards, both ogres, heavily armored with large energy rifles at their side
sit around talking in their horrible language.

Bongo is reaching the limits of his time when he sees a figure standing some
miles off in the middle of a copse of trees.  It appears to be Griz, though
the lizard man's back is turned.  He is dressed in grey armor, standing over
what looks like a small iron pot.  In it, however, there are strange
flashings.  Bongo catches sight of one of the jewels that the party took
from Old Chicago and traded to Griz.

Suddenly Griz turns towards Bongo.  Where the lizard man's face should be,
is a horrible series of red scars and two eyes burning bright white.  The
ruin of a mouth, looking as if it was burnt, begins shouting, but Bongo's
time is up, and before he can discern what Griz, or whatever this is, is
saying, he is rushing back towards his body.

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