[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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While the others talk, Bongo's astral form begins the search  for Griz.
Heading towards the north end of the town, Bongo sees a gate up a  head.  Two
guards, both ogres, heavily armored with large energy  rifles at their side
sit around talking in their horrible  language.

Bongo is reaching the limits of his time when he sees a  figure standing some
miles off in the middle of a copse of trees.  It  appears to be Griz, though
the lizard man's back is turned.  He is  dressed in grey armor, standing over
what looks like a small iron  pot.  In it, however, there are strange
flashings.  Bongo catches  sight of one of the jewels that the party took
from Old Chicago and traded  to Griz.

Suddenly Griz turns towards Bongo.  Where the lizard  man's face should be,
is a horrible series of red scars and two eyes  burning bright white.  The
ruin of a mouth, looking as if it was  burnt, begins shouting, but Bongo's
time is up, and before he can discern  what Griz, or whatever this is, is
saying, he is rushing back towards his  body.

Bongo sits straight up in such a sudden manner that it might spook someone  
not familiar with someone coming out of an astral projection and immediately  
jumps to his feet.
"C'mon people -- I've got a bead on Griz, but something's about to hit the  
fan.  He looked uglier than Rod on a bad hair day, and he was doing  something 
with an iron pot and some of the jewels we used for trade."
He starts running for the gates at top speed.
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