[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

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> [GM]
> While the others talk, Bongo's astral form begins
> the search  for Griz.
> Heading towards the north end of the town, Bongo
> sees a gate up a  head.  Two
> guards, both ogres, heavily armored with large
> energy  rifles at their side
> sit around talking in their horrible  language.
> Bongo is reaching the limits of his time when he
> sees a  figure standing some
> miles off in the middle of a copse of trees.  It 
> appears to be Griz, though
> the lizard man's back is turned.  He is  dressed in
> grey armor, standing over
> what looks like a small iron  pot.  In it, however,
> there are strange
> flashings.  Bongo catches  sight of one of the
> jewels that the party took
> from Old Chicago and traded  to Griz.
> Suddenly Griz turns towards Bongo.  Where the lizard
>  man's face should be,
> is a horrible series of red scars and two eyes 
> burning bright white.  The
> ruin of a mouth, looking as if it was  burnt, begins
> shouting, but Bongo's
> time is up, and before he can discern  what Griz, or
> whatever this is, is
> saying, he is rushing back towards his  body.
> [/GM]
> [Bongo]
> Bongo sits straight up in such a sudden manner that
> it might spook someone  
> not familiar with someone coming out of an astral
> projection and immediately  
> jumps to his feet.
> "C'mon people -- I've got a bead on Griz, but
> something's about to hit the  
> fan.  He looked uglier than Rod on a bad hair day,
> and he was doing  something 
> with an iron pot and some of the jewels we used for
> trade."
Talas follows after Bongo at top speed.


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