[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VI: Whence The Lizard Man?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Tue Aug 30 12:28:59 PDT 2005

> [Bongo]
> Bongo sits straight up in such a sudden manner that it might spook someone
> not familiar with someone coming out of an astral projection and
> immediately jumps to his feet.
> "C'mon people -- I've got a bead on Griz, but something's about to hit the
> fan.  He looked uglier than Rod on a bad hair day, and he was doing
> something with an iron pot and some of the jewels we used for trade."
> He starts running for the gates at top speed.
> [/Bongo]

> [Kyle]
> Kyle sets of after Bongo as fast as possible.
> [/Kyle]

> [Alex]
> Alex does not know what is going on but figures it is best to keep up, and
> takes off after the others.
> [/Alex]

> [Talas]
> Talas follows after Bongo at top speed.
> [/Talas]

> [Arden]
> Without asking why, he starts off after Bongo, running as fast as he can,
> loading his rifle with a new e-clip. A grim look crosses his face, then he
> sets the rifle to the highest setting and moves on.
> [/Arden]

Lena and Phaeton are quick on Bongo's heals as well.

OOC: I'm assuming that Rod and Osiris follow just as quickly as well.

As the company runs up towards the gate, the two ogres that Bongo had
spotted earlier stand up.  One pokes a rather long, fat cigar in his mouth,
while the other spits on the ground.  Both then move in front of the

"And just where ye be going, fuzz-ball, in such a hurry an' all?" the
cigar-chomping ogre asks.

"Aye!" the other says.  "Ye be a right funny crowd.  P'raps ye should stay
here until we decide that ye are safe to pass.  Maybe a few coin would go
down right, eh Muzhgak?"

The cigar-chomper laughs.  "That be so, me'thinks.  I heard on the wind that
the Harbour Master let tramps of this description through, though he was
none too pleased.  So what's your purpose, fuzz-ball?  And if you don't want
to tell me, then p'raps a goodly bag of coins might make me say to my
superiors 'Ah well, they was faerie huntin' an' all' and leavin' at that,

These ogres may be an ugly bunch, but they're big and armed with energy
rifles, swords and both have long daggers stuffed into belt-loops.  They
have at least a dozen large visible scars between them, showing that they
are definitely battle-experienced.  One of them, the one apparently named
Muzhgak, winks at Talas.

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