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> [Bongo]
> "I'm with you," Bongo mutters as he shakes his head a bit.  "I know I was
> dog tired, but that just wasn't... natural."
> [/Bongo]

> [Lady Frost]
> "That's an understatement.  Why do you think I changed forms back on the
> ship?  Betcha Frosty never fell asleep at the wheel."
> She glances towards Bongo and noted the look he gave her.  "Frosty the
> snowman.  Wears a magic hat.  Really good at sledding."
> [/Lady Frost]

Lena looks sideways at Lady Frost.  "Um, is that some song they sing in

Lady Frost and Talas walk through the door, and Talas looks around
carefully.  The room contains no furniture, and there is a thick layer of
dust on the floor.  There is a single window near the mysterious stair well,
but a black curtain covers it.  There is a cold draft coming from the other

Osiris gives Arden a queer look, but then looks to Talas and Rod. "Keep an
eye on that room, I'm going to tell the others." He runs down the stairs and
says "We've got something for you to see.

[meanwhile, back outside...]

Then Osiris sees the approaching torches and says "Oh!"

The approaching column of torches stops, and the somewhat indistinct murmurs
can be heard through the fog.  Then there comes the sound of an approaching
horse.  The mists part to reveal a small horse, little bigger than a pony,
and a man-like figure of equally short stature, dressed in dented armor with
a rather medieval-looking helmet, a short sword and energy rifle slung to
his back.  He is holding a white flag in one hand.

The man lifts the visor of helmet, and the blue and red glow of some
interior electronics illuminates his face, a horribly twisted affair with
half the nose missing and replaced by a thick scar.  The eyes are both
cybernetic and his chin looks to have been severely burned.  But it is
fairly obvious for all of that this man is no man at all, but a Dwarf!"

"I am the Herald of the Lord of the K'murd-faka." he says in a thickly
accented voice.  "I demand your immediate surrender."

> [Alex]
> Alex looks at him through her helmet and replies "Nuts!"
> [/Alex]

> [Bongo]
> Bongo raises an eyebrow at Alex's comment.  "No... Dwarves."
> [/Bongo]

The dwarf frowns.  "Speak with respect, or your death will be long and
horrible.  If you surrender, then perhaps my master will be merciful."

> [Alex]
> The ex-ranger does not like the responses she is getting from this dwarf
> and shoulders her rifle and specifically points if at the dwarf, ""The Cee
> Ess taught is never to surrender to monsters, I wonder about some of their
> teaching, but this is not one of them."
> [/Alex]

"Now now, Alex." Osiris cautions.  "He comes under a flag of truce, and it
would be a great dishonor if we were to harm him."

Phaeton grunts angrily.  "He comes threatening us, and then we talk of
honor."  He touches a tattoo and a sword appears in his hand.

The dwarf spits.  "That is your answer then.  So shall be your fate."  With
that he rears his horse and starts riding back towards the column.

"So what is our plan now?" Osiris asks.

> [Alex]
> Alex turns toward the others, "Run or Fight, I suggest Run."
> [/ Alex]

[Meanwhile, back inside the tower...]

> [Talas]
> Talas moves toward the window and looks behind the black curtain and
> through the window.
> [/Talas]

Talas pulls away the black curtain to reveal a vast grey ocean, whipped by
powerful winds.  Great waves can be heard crashing against rocks far below,
and from where Talas stands, it seems that the tower is sitting atop a high

OOC: As a general reminder; Kyle, Alex, Bongo, Osiris and Phaeton are
outside, while Lady Frost, Rod, Talas, Arden and Lena are inside the tower.

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