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Thu Dec 8 09:33:22 PST 2005

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> OOC: Alright, the durned thing regurgitated the messages.  Oh how I do
> loooove mailing lists :-(
> There's always Yahoo Groups... :)

My very biggest problem with Yahoo is that, at least the last time I
checked it out (admittedly a couple of years ago), was that their EULA
agreement indicated that they owned our posts.  Now that's probably
not a BIG deal, but I'm a little, well, oozy about the idea.  However,
I do like that the groups are both website and mailing list, and I may
consider it again, because there's one persistent problem, and that's
that I don't receive my own posts, which I like because it lets me
know that the list is functioning.

Still, I shouldn't complain.  The fellow that runs the zork.net lists
has been very good to me and went to some trouble to import my old

BTW, did you guys know that on the 16th, we'll have been at this for
three years?

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