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>  [Bongo]
> "Hold on a moment," Bongo mutters.  "There seems to be  some dissention  
> the ranks."  He squints, trying to  see if he can make anything out.
> [Bongo]

Bongo can hear  some movement away from the main line of marchers, some of it
moving a  little closer towards the tower.  He can't tell how many people
there  are, but they sound like they're spreading out into several
directions,  obviously trying to look for someone in the thick  fog.

"They're looking for someone," Bongo says softly, so as to not interfere  
with his listening more than necessary.  "Sounds like someone did a  serious 
no-no and they want him back something awful."
OOC: how many Dwarves does it appear to be in the column, and how many  
appear to be spreading out?
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