[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists <OOC:>

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Tue Dec 13 11:31:30 PST 2005

OOC:  Was under the belief that the communications
devices were separate items.  Since yours in in your
helmet, she would have grabbed the helm, activated the
unit, then let you go afterwards.  All without hurting
you, since I doubt she'd have needed to squeeze the
helm to turn it on.  Your hands aren't inside your
helm, so there has to be an 'on' switch on the outside
of it.  Or does Talas always have the comms on? 
That'd get really annoying to the rest of the group
when we're in the same room.

Regardless, Frost doesn't have your helmet unless you
then took it off and handed it to her.  She didn't
remove it from you.

Have to admit, I did have the image of her grabbing
your arm or belt, not your head.   Though having her
grab your helm then talk into your ear is sort of
amusing too.

--- Troy Imlach <troy_a_i at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> > 
> OCC:
> The Ms. was the GM's doing. I'm fairly certain that
> the character Talas has Always referred to the women
> in the group by the term Lady followed by there
> first
> name.
> By the way the only comm. that Talas has is the one
> in
> the armors helmet. And I do not know if this suit
> even
> has a comm. system. So ouch! That hurts. Darn near
> took my head off with it.
> OCC:
> [Talas]
> "Ouch!" "My Lady the next time you need my helm I
> would appreciate it if you let me remove it myself."
> As Talas watches lady Frost head down the stairs he
> gives a shrug and calls after her “But since you’re
> already wearing my helmet you might as well keep it
> for the time." and then heads down the stairs after
> her.
> [/Talas]
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