[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VII - Into the Land of Mists <OOC>

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Fri Dec 30 15:56:40 PST 2005

On 12/30/05, Kitsune <kitsunefx at netzero.com> wrote:
> Just letting you know that i am still around although could use an
> updare to understand what is going on

What's happened is that Alex, Bongo and Kyle (along with Phaeton) are
outside looking at the approaching column.  You hear a disturbance in
the column, and Kyle detects someone approaching your position behind
a small hill.  He's gone to check it out, while Bongo heads back to
the tower, and as Kyle approaches the hill someone points an energy
rifle at Kyle's head and says

""Stop right there, Coalition.  Put your hands where I can see them
and no funny stuff."

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