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He nods to Phaeton. With a very wary glance about the entire room, he 
reaches into a pouch and pulls out a well made key ((not sure on exactly 
what it looks like... you need to ask High Lord GM about it.)). "I believe 
your Lady Goddess gave this to me to help aid our quest, Phaeton." He 
himself looks pale, shaking ever so slightly. Bottled up rager, or fear, you 
can't really tell.

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> [OOC]
> Hopefully things are back to normal.  If I've missed any posts let me 
> know. I'm not too sure whether I'm missing one for Frost/Connors or not. 
> Don't
> see one from Talas (and Rod and Osiris are still MIA :-( )
> At any rate, I'm including a big chunk of previous material here so that 
> we
> can maintain the thread a little better.
> [/OOC]
>> > > [GM]
>> > > Phaeton nods, and then looks first to Arden, then to Lena, and then
>> > > finally to Alex.  "I do not think I am the only one that has had
>> > > visions, or at least heard the name Rath-iren.  There is a war 
>> > > coming,
>> > > and many things depend upon us, for we are the chosen.  Of that I am
>> > > sure."
>> > > [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex replies, "I am not sure, perhaps you can tell more. I am a simple
>> scout but I am quite used to war."
>> [/Alex]
> [Bongo]
> "You're a lot of things Alex," Bongo says with a wide grin, "but simple
> isn't one of them!"
> [/Bongo]
>> > [Arden]
>> > Sighs deeply, then looks to Talas. He says, "I'm not sure what my 
>> > personal
>> > seeing meant, but I do know that we must stop this man in white and 
>> > remove
>> > him. He stains the landscape with the color of death and, should he be
>> > allowed to succeed in what he plans, we are ALL doomed." With that, he
>> > looks around, and literally slumps down to the floor. "I can't lose
>> > again... I just can't..."
>> > [/Arden]
>> > [Amanda Connors]
>> > With Alex having been little help, beyond disturbing her slightly, 
>> > Amanda
>> > had decided to talk to Lena about her needs at the soonest possible
>> > moment.
>> >
>> > A moment destined to be delayed it seemed....
>> >
>> > "Woah, back up there a second.  What do you mean 'again'??  And why are
>> > you looking for a man in white, but he was talking about one in black
>> > robes??"
>> >
>> > She looked around at the group.   "I've had a vision of this too, but I
>> > think I want to wait until I hear this.  A good reporter makes sure to 
>> > get
>> > all her facts straight."
>> > [/Amanda Connors]
>> > > [GM]
>> > > Phaeton leans in.  "Indeed, I too would like to hear what you have 
>> > > seen,
>> > > Arden." he says, emotions somewhere between anger and curiousity 
>> > > written on
>> > >  his face.  "What do you know of this man, which our new companion 
>> > > Talas says
>> > > is a demon?"
>> > > [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex listens quietly through most of the discussion, a thoughtful
>> expression on her face while she listens to what is said. She replies, "
>> St. Pierre did mention it before he died. He told me to see it out."
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> "You mean the old man that died after you arrived on the ship?" Phaeton
> asks, looking surprised.
> [/GM]
>> [Arden]
>> He sighs deeply, then nods. "I guess I can tell you what I know of. It
>> mostly has to do with an  unnamed woman in a vision I had... or a shift 
>> in
>> reality... I'm not quite certain what it was." He seems to frown slightly 
>> in
>> remembrance of the meeting, then shrugs. "I don't know what it could 
>> mean,
>> or if I should even mention it, but I will say this... I have the key."
>> [/Arden]
> [GM]
> Phaeton, already taken a little off balance by Talas's and Alex's
> revelations, nearly falls over.  "You have talked to Her?" he stammers. 
> "And what of... what of this key?"
> [/GM]
>> [Kyle]
>> Kyle looks at the party.  "Could I suggest we get our selves cleaned up
>> and fed and secure a safe place for us to continue this discussion."
>> [/Kyle]
> [GM]
> With that, the boy returns with the innkeeper in toe, and several steaming
> covered trays.  The smell of pancakes, hot syrup, coffee, scrambled eggs 
> and
> bacon rises from them.  The innkeeper sees Phaeton's shocked look and asks
> "Am I coming at the wrong time?  I understood you wanted food.  The boy 
> has
> said you want to hole up quiet like.  At any rate, I'll leave you the 
> food,
> and you just shout if you need any more."
> The innkeeper bows and leaves, but the boy remains behind.  "What's wrong
> with him?" the boy asks Kyle, pointing to Phaeton.  "Looks like he saw a
> ghost, though that's none too uncommon around these parts."
> Phaeton ignores the meal and turns back towards Arden and Alex.  "What do
> you know?  What of this key?  I must know.  Why would an old man know 
> about
> my goddess?"  Then he turns to Amanda.  "What vision did you have?  I must
> know."
> Phaeton looks pale and his hands seem to be shaking.
> [/GM]
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