[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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OOC:  A post in three sections

Alex shakes her head, "I don't know. I was taught that
Dogboys were not the equal of humans but in my scout
team, it was clear how wrong that is."

[Amanda Connors]
"In case you haven't realized yet, your people don't
seem to be oozing with goodwill towards they're fellow
[/Amanda Connors]

As Kyle digs in, Amanda's PDA with its archaic
software (which Bongo is noticably drooling over) pops
up information on Ashe County, North Carolina.  The
area is in the Appalachians, and was one of the more
lightly populated areas of North Carolina.

Phaeton finally grabs a plate and a small amount of
food.  "I agree." he says to Kyle.  "I don't have any
idea, other than getting back on the ship.
The problem is that the Harbor Master, kindly fellow
that he is, may not want us coming back."

Alex sates, "The only solution I can come up with is
sneaking back onboard during the night. Still, I don't
know how the crew will react to us. If we could aquire
a slightly smaller ship, does anyone have any skills
with them?"

[Amanda Connors]
"Nope, no sailing skill, not on a big ocean going
thing anyways.  Guarantee I can keep her afloat. 
Harbor Master would probably be glad to see us leave

<<to Bongo>>  "Down Boy, I'll let you look it over
later.  Long as you promise not to break it.  I'm
guessing Radio Shack went out of business at least a
few decades ago."
[/Amanda Connors]

Talas looks at the group and says "Excuse me but I
just have 2 questions. First; My lady Alex what do you
mean by your Time? And secondly; My I assume that your
questioning of Mr. Griz back in the shop, came to

"It just seems like something that should be
investigated. A lizard man named Griz in the book. And
a lizard man named Griz in the shop. I thought you
were questioning him to see if he new anything when I
came into the store. Am I mistaken?"

[Amanda Connors]
"She means they're from the future, I'm from the past,
and we're all in deep ca-ca."  At which point she does
a double take.  "Ok, now why didn't any of us put that
together?  Anyone know if Griz is a common name for
lizards?  If not I'm going for a little walk."
[/Amanda Connors]

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