[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

Brenton Bartholom abbart at iqconnect.net.au
Fri Jul 29 00:03:36 PDT 2005

> [GM]
> Kyle's trained eyes dart up and down the road.  It's now a busy morning,
> the shops are open, market stalls erected, and everything from potions
> to fruit are on sale.  Kyle looks back down the road towards the harbor
> and the O'Hare and Sons weapons shop.  He notices that the sign on the door says "Closed".  It appears that their friend Griz has decided to take off early... very early.  It's only about 10 o'clock in the morning!
> [/GM]

"Thats odd.  its a bit early to be closed."  Kyle heads of towards the 
shop and will go to one of the nearby shop.  He will enter and ask the 
shopkeep "You wouldst know how long Griz will be.  I need to pick a few 
things up and he isnt open today."  If the person seems like a talkative 
person Kyle will try and get some background info on Griz.

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