[Taocow PBEM] Chapter V: A Stranger And His Knowledge

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Alex asks the young boy when shown the room, "Is there any chance we 
could please get some food up here. I am starved and I am sure that 
everybody else is hungry as well."

Aaron Clausen wrote:

>The boy skips down the road, stopping only briefly to make sure everyone
>is caught up.  He takes them down a side street, a narrow cobblestone way
>surrounded by tall brick buildings of ancient design but seem as if they
>were made just a few years ago.  The odd faerie flies by, giggling, but
>the boy shooshes them off.  One faerie, a male Pixie, chides the boy.
>"Edig, has your grandfather fought off any sea serpents?  How many arms
>has he lost now?  Six or seven?  You must be the descendant of an
>Finally the company arrives at a small inn, two stories high.  A sign
>announces it as the "Far Traveller's Haven".  The delicious smell of
>fresh bread comes wafting out a window.
>The boy opens the door to reveal a small commons.  The bartender, a
>Dwarf, is washing glasses, while the only patrons are a goblin and a
>troll, playing cards.  It appears as if the troll is losing.
>The bartender looks at the company and narrows in on Rod.  "Vhat do you
>vant?" the Dwarf asks in an odd dialect which not even Rod recognizes.
>"Boy, you better not be bringing viff-vaff through here."
>"They be paying customers, Mr. Luzben." the boy says.  "They're looking
>for some rooms, no questions asked."
>The boy is a little loud and brash, and the troll puts down his cards
>and leans over to look at the company, then picks up his cards again.
>"That'll be fifty credits for the lot, eighty if you want breakfast."
>the bartender says.  He tosses two keys to the boy.  "I'll tan your
>hide, boy, iv they veck my vooms."
>The boy leads the company up the stairs, unlocks a large oak door,
>revealing a large room with a table in the middle.  There is a large
>window looking down on the street below, as well as two doors on each

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not understand,
but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs to them alone.
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