[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - Rod and Osiris's Adventures on the Bridge

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Mar 7 23:55:34 PST 2005

> [Rod Black]
> Rod switches targets to that of the sailor, but before engaging he
> activates his armor.
> [/Rod Black]

Rod feels the reassuring protection of his armor appear.

> [Rod Black]
> Rod's first attack is at the sailor's sword hand.
> [/Rod Black]

The sailor attempts to parry the blow but fails.  Rod's TK Hammer comes down
on the man's hand.  The man's arm is literally flung down and back at a
horribly wrong angle.  The man drops his vibrosword and screams out in pain.

> [Rod Black]
> Rod then concentrates on the most unarmed part of the man, the face, with
> his plasma bracers.  The man vainly tries to dodge but cannot get away
> from the perfectly aimed shot. The man's face simply disappears in a
> scorching mist of skull and brain matter.  The body falls to the ground
> and twitches for a few moments and is still.
> [/Rod Black]

> [Osiris]
> Meanwhile Osiris, with his sword already recovered from his last strike he
> takes advantage of when the Green swordsman laughs, Osiris goes on the
> offensive once again! This time going for a straight forward thrust with
> the tip of his blade at his opponent.
> Seeing that the anti-aircraft gun is opening up on Kyle's SAMAS and maybe
> the others, he will have to dispatch this opponent quickly. With that in
> mind Osiris tries to shield himself from the gun as he fights the green
> swordsman.
> [/Osiris]

The swordsman attempts to parry but cannot catch Osiris's sword, and it
tries to plunge into the swordsman's armor.  Again, the swordsman's armor is
scored, and again he laughs, jumping on to the railing of the stairway and
trying to slide down it and make a slash at Osiris's swordarm.  Osiris
attempts in turn to parry, and fails, and the man's sword cuts deep into
Osiris's swordarm armor.

Now, it seems, the swordsman is on the offensive.  If there's anything good
from this, it's that a loud explosion followed by some awful-sounding
grinding seems to indicate that Kyle has dealt with the anti-aircraft gun.

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