[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - LadyFrost, Arden and the Big Disturbance

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>With the precision of a finely tuned instrument, the crate flies into 
>the air, and directly on to the largest group of sailors.  It seems to 
>have been filled with hundreds of tins of blue paint, which splash over 
>the deck.  Several sailors are knocked out by the hail of wood and 
>metal.  The rest are slipping and sliding, unable to stand very well, 
>and certainly unable to shoot.  Finally the few left standing drop their 
>weapons and put up their hands.

>[Lady Frost]
>"Seems you two should be ok for now.  Grab a weapon or two and cover these guys, I'm >going to help Rod and Osiris.  Looks like they might need it."
>Frost starts to move away, but glances back briefly at the woman.  "Trust me, if we have to >bail we won't leave you here."
>With that she sprints across the deck, assessing the situation on the stairs to the bridge >area.  Hoping she can get there before the swordsman jumps off the railing, she puts >everything she has into covering the distance.
>[/Lady Frost]

With a nod to Frost and a brief smile at the bravado and quick response, Arden draws down on all of the sailors, and, in a very thick western accent says, "Well, pilgrims, I see you give up. All y'all need ta get over there, now. That's a bunch of good boys." He grins a bit, making sure Lena is behind him and out of harms way, and smiles as he tries to herd the sailors into one specific place.

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