[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - Rod, Osiris, Lady Frost and the Green Knight

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As the green-suited figure slides down the railing and cuts into Osiris,
Osiris aims a carefully aimed slashing cut across his opponent's chest.  The
man tries to block the blow, but is unable and Osiris's psi-sword strikes
him.  It doesn't do much damage, but does knock the man off balance and he
tumbles down the railing.

> [Rod Black]
> Rod grumbles something about this taking too long and takes out his rune
> hammer, and goes on the offensive.
> The first strike goes against his, yes you guessed it, head.  As a matter
> of fact Rod will focus on destroying this guys head... yes that seems
> appropriate.
> [Black, Rod Black]

[OOC: Mommy, Mr. Black is scaring me!]

Rod's opportunity has come, as the man is trying to pick himself up.  Rod's
hammer swings down upon the armored head.  The man vainly tries to parry the
blow, but Rod's fierce attack cannot be swayed, and the hammer comes
crashing down upon his head.  It dents the helmet slightly, but more
ominously the head is shoved down into the body at least an inch.

The man staggers and swoons, but manages, woodenly, to strike out at Rob.
Rod attempts to dodge, but cannot and the sword strikes him in the chest,
knocking him to the ground.

The sword is glowing with an unearthly blue light now, and it seems to
creeping up the swordsman's arm.  Somewhere nearby, or it might be far away,
it is hard to tell, a thin voice can be heard screeching, "Finish them off,
fool!  You're dead anyways!"

> [Lady Frost]
> Lady Frost assesses the situation on the stairs to the bridge area.
> Hoping she can get there before the swordsman jumps off the railing, she
> puts everything she has into covering the distance.
> [/Lady Frost]

Even as the swordsman seems to stand up straight, though oddly a few inches
shorter, Lady Frost arrives.

Osiris leaps nimbly off the stairs, psi-sword glowing itself, ready for

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