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With the group gathering around Rod and the camera to take a look at the mysterious white figure the cyberknight moves over to where the captain lies and carefully looks at the rune sword (using his skill he will try to determine if its safe to pick up before doing so) and secures it on his back. 
Kneeling down beside the captain he recites a quick prayer and using his hand he pushes close the man's still wide open eyes. "You fought very well captain and i wish your soul can rest in peace as you have gone to a better place." 
Looking over at Bongo, Osiris says "Yo B, you wanna help me out with the body? He should be given a proper resting place....lets put him back into his cabin and decide later."
When he is in the captain's cabin he will put the body on the bed and cover the body with a blanket. Then with bongo they will search for anything which might help them figure out what is going on here.

Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at alberni.net> wrote:
On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Paul Groeneveld wrote:

> [Rod Black]
> Rod procedes with describing the 3 pictures in the
> camera again, as it has been hectic when he described
> them last
> ---description of photos---
> There are three, one is of a building, looking like a
> temple. The
> picture is indistinct, almost as if the picture was
> taken through thick
> glass. Large columns can be seen, supporting a roof
> that looks to be
> made of solid granite. Around the temple, as far as
> can be seen, is a
> wasteland littered with tree trunks, large boulders
> and swamp. It's
> hard
> to make out due to the deterioration of the memory,
> but it seems almost
> as if someone is standing in front of the temple, a
> tiny figure, which
> if man-size, means the building is huge.
> The next shot, though it must be separated from the
> temple picture by
> dozens of others, seems to be taken from the top of a
> cliff. Below are
> a
> number of men on horses, one of which has skin nearly
> as white as snow.
> The others are an ugly looking bunch, possibly some
> sort of mercenaries
> by the lack of uniforms but the large numbers of
> weapons on their
> person. The white-skinned man carries only a sword,
> and runes can be
> made out on it.
> The third shot is the least-well preserved of the
> three. It is only a
> few shots away from the one with the white-skinned
> man. It seems to be
> of the mouth of a cave. Within there is a bright red
> glow. Someone,
> possibly a woman, is standing off to the side, with
> what could be a key
> in her hand. The image is too badly scrambled to make
> out any more.
> ---end of description---
> Rod then says what about the fellow who was removed
> from the dining room during dinner in a most
> suspitious manner? we should ask him some questions.
> he may know something as his ring bears the same
> emblem as the one in the trunk we found. heck he may
> even be the original owner of the ring"
> [/Rod Black]

"That's too bad." Bongo says. "Just when we might be close to solving a
mystery. Rod, your description of the images does indeed sound like the
fellow Alex and I spotted. He seems to get around."

Phaeton shakes his head. "Sadly, the man died. I could do nothing to
prevent it. All I could get from him was..." Phaeton falls into deep
thought. "Now, perhaps is not the right time. Shall I instruct our pilot
to make for Dublin?"

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> reply so if this is a duplicate, forgive me, as rod is
> but a midget.

OOC: Not a problem. Nothing else came through. That's why I hate web mail
systems, stupid timeouts.

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