[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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The harbor master stuffs the credits in a pocket,
and then looks at the jewelry and the black market
items.  "Not bad, not bad." he mutters.
"Still, it makes me uneasy.  Captain dead, strangers
aboard.  Perhaps I could let you all go, if..." he
stares at Alex, Lady Frost and Lena, "if I could spend
some time... questioning these fine ladies."

The harbor master leers at the three women in a
grotesque manner.

[Amanda Connors]

Amanda put on her most charming smile.  The sort she
used to use to get information out of less-than
willing witnesses for her news articles.  Was that
really only a week or so ago??

"Sure.  Would you like to talk about how you're going
to walk without certain parts of your anatomy

[/Amanda Connors]

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