[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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> [GM]
> The harbor master stuffs the credits in a pocket,
> and then looks at the jewelry and the black market
> items.  "Not bad, not bad." he mutters.
> "Still, it makes me uneasy.  Captain dead, strangers
> aboard.  Perhaps I could let you all go, if..." he
> stares at Alex, Lady Frost and Lena, "if I could spend
> some time... questioning these fine ladies."
> The harbor master leers at the three women in a
> grotesque manner.
> [/GM]
> [Amanda Connors]
> Amanda put on her most charming smile.  The sort she
> used to use to get information out of less-than
> willing witnesses for her news articles.  Was that
> really only a week or so ago??
> "Sure.  Would you like to talk about how you're going
> to walk without certain parts of your anatomy
> attached?"
> [/Amanda Connors]

The Harbor Master's leer turns to barely controlled fury.  "So that's
the way you want it."  He turns to Phaeton.  "A thousand credits more or
I'll let you all rot in prison."

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