[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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Mon May 9 17:59:43 PDT 2005

Aaron Clausen wrote:

>The harbor master, a short fellow that looks as much like an ogre as
>anything else, hops on deck.  He is wearing a patchwork set of armor,
>and beside him crawls a small lizard-like creature with six legs on
>a heavy looking leash.
>"Ah, Phaeton!" the harbor master says.  "Where be the Captain.  I'd
>hoped to share some of that brandy with him.
>Phaeton sighs.  "I have bad news, sir.  We met with some hard fighting
>on the seas, and the Captain died bravely."
>The harbor master looks hard at Phaeton, but Phaeton does not flinch.
>Then he turns to the company.  "Who are these.  Some don't look like
>crew to me."
>"These people paid passage from England." Phaeton says.  "They're
>looking to spend some time ashore after our... hard voyage."
>"I canna let just anyone ashore." the harbor master says, a greedy light
>entering his eyes.  "I have to document them, quarantine them until I
>can be sure they aren't going t' cause any trouble."
>Phaeton hands over the money and goods.  "I hope this covers
>everything." he says.  "They'd like to keep things quiet."
>The harbor master stuffs the credits in a pocket, and then looks at the
>jewelry and the black market items.  "Not bad, not bad." he mutters.
>"Still, it makes me uneasy.  Captain dead, strangers aboard.  Perhaps
>I could let you all go, if..." he stares at Alex, Lady Frost and Lena,
>"if I could spend some time... questioning these fine ladies."
>The harbor master leers at the three women in a grotesque manner.
Alex gives the harbor master a look like he is some sort of bug but 
otherwise does not say anything to him and states to teh others, "I 
think we better get a move on"

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