[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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> [Arden]
> Arden fishes around for some trade goods and what might be saleable to try
> and trade out for some of those exploding arrows that looks friendly.
> Also, he looks for a scope that might have a better advantage than his
> current one.
> [/Arden]

Arden quickly finds a very decent scope.  The lizard man looks at his trade
items, and says "I'll swap you, say, fifteen hundred credits worth of these
for your exploding arrows and that scope you're eyeing."

> [Alex]
> Alex collects the grenades which she has lost including doubling up on
> sleep, flare, and tear gas grenades and increasing concussion and neural
> disruptors up to eight a piece. She then pulls out a bit of the jewelry
> which she collected, about what she assumes is enough to pay for them or
> just a bit more and offer it as trade.
> [/Alex]

The lizard man's eyes widen.  "If you don't mind." he says, and pulls out a
small device which Rod immediately recognizes as some sort of technowizard
device.  He pops the gem inside a small receptacle and clicks a single red
button.  A small screen begins displaying several waving lines.

"Extraordinary." the lizard man mumbles.  "I've never quite seen anything
like it before.  Tell me, where did you get these stones?"

> [Amanda Connors]
> Hearing Bongo ask for maps, Amanda moves over to him.
> "Have I missed something?  What do you need those for? Looking to go to
> Disney Land?"
> [/Amanda Connors]

"Something Osiris and I found in the Captain's cabin.  I'll tell you about it
later." he replies.

> [Amanda Connors]
> She hefts a small recording device, akin to a tape recorder....at least it
> looks like one.
> "What does something like this go for?"  She asks the shopkeeper.
> [/Amanda Connors]

"That?" the shopkeeper asks.  "Seventy credits will cover it.  You a doctor,

[Meanwhile outside...]

> [Kyle]
> Kyle turns on the boy lifting his rifle slightly.  With one glance he
> scans the the surrounding area .  The he looks at the boy.  "I am waiting
> for my friends lad.  You can follow me if you want.  And I am not from the
> NGR.  Hey can you tell me a little about this land?"

> With that Kyle will engage the lad trying to get any information that
> might help out of him.
> [/Kyle]

"I don't know much, sir, save for the town here." the boy says.  "We mainly
do a lot of trade with England and the NGR.  I know that beyond the city,
the land becomes strange and dangerous, and the faerie folk are not as...
well behaved.  The few men who dare go far into the country side have said,
of late, that there have been strange disturbances.  Old Carper, my dad's
uncle, says he was out hunting on the old West Road and say a caravan going
heading towards the other side of the island, lead by a tall, white-faced
man.  Says the man gave him the chills.  And there have been strange people
asking questions of late..."

He stammers and turns away, seeming afraid to say anymore.

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